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It has taken him many years and quite a few life changing situations to bring Frank Shapiro to where he is and who he is today.

Frank started his working life as an optician. He tells of how he drifted into that career because his career teacher at school had been to the optician to get his spectacles adjusted the morning he met Frank. Frank stayed on that career path for 20 years.

After working for a major optical company for a few years he took the plunge and started his own optician business. He built that business up to 11 successful practices. In 1995 he sold that company and went into music management. Yes, you read correctly. A bit of a change eh!

It was when he started running his own music management business that Frank realised that he was able to motivate people into having the life they really wanted. He worked with some very successful people in the music industry but one thing rang true for many of them; life was not as fulfilling as it could have been for them.

Frank used to get asked the question "is this what life is all about?" all the time from his clients. So he became one of these unusual mangers who began to help his clients achieve fulfilment in all parts of their life, professionally and personally.

It was then that he realised that his own professional interests lay in full time motivational work.

His Present and Future

Now Frank Shapiro spends his time delivering Seminars, Workshops, After Dinner Talks, Keynote Speeches, Writing, and Coaching 1 to 1 Clients and being a business mentor. He delivers inspirational keynote speeches for companies, groups and organisations as well as holding evening, day, weekend and weeklong workshops and seminars for groups of people from all walks of life. Frank works with small groups and large ones on topics as diverge as de-cluttering your life, to new business start up.

He also delivers his relaxed talks on cruise ships and land based retreats all round the world as a guest speaker.

Ask Frank Shapiro how he now feels about his chosen career and he will tell you that he planned his career, lifestyle and life so that he can integrate work and pleasure all in one go, a far cry from his days as an optician



Below are just some of the topics Frank speaks on

Getting the best from your staff

The 3 stages of fame

Starting a business from scratch


Living your perfect life

Energy and auras

De-cluttering your life

Why online reviews affect your business

Eco-friendly businesses

Setting up personal boundaries

Thoroughly enjoyed Frank's talk on starting a business from scratch. He answered the questions I had already and got me even more excited to make it happen 


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Frank Shapiro

If you are looking for a fantastic Keynote, After Dinner or Inspirational Speaker with years of experience then look no further. With his relaxed approach Frank motivates and enthuses his audiences.  From small groups to large venues his delivery is infectious.

Frank is an  After Dinner Speaker whose style and anecdotes are perfect for any occasion. He can also create bespoke workshops, seminars, and retreats on just about any motivational or life topic of your choice to fit in with your group

International Public Speaker and Workshop Facilitator